All in One Eye Primer
All in One Eye Primer
All in One Eye Primer
All in One Eye Primer
All in One Eye Primer  

All in One Eye Primer

Multifunctional Eye Primer




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This Eye Primer isthe perfect base for your Eye Make-up. Primes the Lid, conceales and makes Eyeshadow colors look even brighter.

Product qualities at a glance::

  • Longlasting: The Primer makes your Eyeshadow stay where it should and makes sure your Eye Make-up not longer smudge or settle in the crease of the eyelid
  • Smudge-proof: Your Eyeshadow gets smudge-proof so even rubbing can't kill your Make-up
  • True Color Effekt: Your Eyeshadow Color looks brighter and more intensive. Gives the colors illuminating power.
  • Neutralizing & Concealing: Neutralizes your skin tone and also covers up redness and blood vessels.
  • Perfect match for all skin tones:It conjures up a fresh and natural look on the eyelid - even without Eyeshadow.
  • Free of perfume und oils. Clinical tested

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  • Dab the All in One Eye Primer onto the eyelid by using your finger or the Concealer & Camouflage Brush. Let the Primer dry some seconds before applying your prefered Eyeshadow.